About Us

Personalized Dog Obedience Training

We offer personalized dog obedience training in Tempe, Arizona, surrounding areas and virtual training nationwide.

Regardless of how old your dog is, what breed they are or what specific unwanted behaviors that your dog may be struggling with, our training approach can help both you and your dog live a happier, less stressful life.

We strive to enhance the bond shared between dogs and their owners and we do this by teaching owners how to effectively communicate with their dogs.

Teaching our dogs how to behave appropriately in everyday real world settings allows our companions to thrive, have the freedom to be a dog and to be included in everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Many dogs do you board & train at a time?
No more than 1-2 dogs at a time. We like to give our full attention to our board & train dogs while also giving them enough exposure with other dogs for them to learn proper social skills.
Is the training guaranteed?
We guarantee to show improvement with the dog’s issue and demonstrate to the owner that changing the behavior is possible within the training or your money back. We will not however refund any owners for their own lack of dedication and commitment.
How many private sessions will it take to see progress with my dog?
With our training approach, you can expect to see improvement within the very first session. It is still however up to the owner to continue working with the dog as we demonstrate in order for the dog’s behavior to change fully.
What if I need further training in the future?
We promise to be there for the lifetime of your companion. If you or your dog is still struggling with something after training, we will revisit with you and do what we can to help improve your dog’s obedience.
Do I need to provide health records?
Health and vaccination records from your vet are required as well as clearance allowing the dog to partake in physical activity. All dogs must be current on vaccinations against rabies, distemper and parvovirus. All dogs must be healthy and free of communicable diseases (within the past 30 days).

Private Training

We strengthen the relationship between owners and their dogs as we educate and coach you through the training process

Board & Train

Having dogs stay with us for weeks at a time allows us to get them to a better place in training prior to coaching the owners on how to maintain the dog’s progress

Virtual Training

We provide you with the guidance and advice needed to help you and your dog get to a better place with training