Training & Packages

Board & Train Options

Our board and train programs are highly recommended because it allows us to get dogs to a better place in training prior to coaching the owners on how to maintain the dog’s progress.

Having dogs stay with us for several weeks gives us the ideal amount of time to teach better behaviors and practice them consistently so they start to become habits.

Regardless of what behaviors are looking to be changed or taught, we begin with each dog by teaching clear communication.

Virtual In Home Training

We offer private in-home sessions virtually to provide you with the guidance and advice needed to help you and your dog get to a better place with training.

This 60-minute session allows us to assess your situation and provide you with the necessary steps to set you and your dog up for a successful future.

For all Virtual Sessions, we use Zoom or FaceTime.

Private Training

Private sessions are a great way for owners to strengthen their relationship with their dogs as we educate and coach you through the training process.

The first session is a virtual session where we discuss what behaviors the owners are seeing and what they are looking to work on, teach or fix. We offer constructive and helpful advice and give instructions on what to start focusing on until the first in-person session.