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Please complete this short form and agree to the terms below. Upon submission and payment of the option you choose, you will be taken to our calendaring system to schedule our first session.

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Terms of service and payment

Equipment: Chasing Tail Dog Training/Summer Rens may recommend additional equipment necessary for your dog, which we will purchase during the training program. Owner must reimburse Chasing Tail Dog Training upon receiving equipment.

Owner agrees to the use of Chasing Tail Dog Training’s humane equipment including but not limited to: muzzles, crates, prong collars, e-collars, leads, leashes and other tools.

Cancellation: Please provide Chasing Tail Dog Training with any rescheduling needs at least seven days in advance. A 24-hour cancellation notice is required except in the event of an emergency. All deposits are nonrefundable and would be applied towards the loss of that time slot. If owner wishes a complete cancellation of any or all services with Chasing Tail Dog Training, please make these wishes known in writing.

Dog Requirements: Health and vaccination records from your vet are required as well as clearance allowing the dog to partake in physical activity. All dogs must be current on vaccinations against rabies, distemper and parvovirus. All dogs 6 months and older must be spayed or neutered (preferred but not mandatory) and be healthy and free of communicable diseases (within the past 30 days). If the dog becomes sick during their stay, Chasing Tail Dog Training will contact the owner immediately to inform them and we will discuss the best measures to take.

Boarding Requirements: It is the owner’s responsibility to provide a crate, leash & collar with tags and enough food for the duration of the dog’s stay. All other equipment/tools such as bowls, toys, etc. will be provided. Drop off and pick up time for boarding is up to the owner but regardless of the time, owner will be charged for a full day of boarding.

Payments: Payment shall be made in two installments. A $500 deposit is due at the time of booking to secure the reservation. (This amount is nonrefundable except in the event of an emergency.) The remainder is due on or before the initial day of training/boarding. This only applies to our Board and Train programs. For all other services, full payment is due at the time of booking.

Perpetual Authorization: Owner acknowledges that this agreement is a valid approval for any future services outlined in this agreement.

Content: Owner understands that Chasing Tail Dog Training may or may not record training sessions for the purpose of education, promotional use, etc. Owner does herby permit, waive and release all ownership and rights of video/photo content recorded to Chasing Tail Dog Training.

Injury: Owner understands that Chasing Tail Dog Training is not responsible for injury, death, or loss of the dog/human. Chasing Tail Dog Training is authorized to approve medical and/or emergency treatment as recommended by veterinarian. Owner agrees to reimburse Chasing Tail Dog Training for any expenses incurred attending to this need.

Termination: Chasing Tail Dog Training reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time before or during this term.

Guarantee: Owner understands that Chasing Tail Dog Training does not guarantee any quick fixes or permanent changes in the dog. Owner understands that these sessions are to show owner that the dog’s issues can be fixed with continuous routine and repetition of the exercises that are practiced and demonstrated throughout the training.

Chasing Tail Dog Training will work to show improvement with the dog and show the owner that their dog’s behavior can be changed. It is still however up to the owner to continue working with the dog as we demonstrate in order for the dog’s behavior to change fully.

Chasing Tail Dog Training guarantees to show improvement with the dog’s issue and demonstrate to the owner that changing the behavior is possible within the training or your money back. Chasing Tail Dog Training will not however refund any owners for their own lack of dedication and commitment.

Release of Liability: Owner hereby releases Chasing Tail Dog Training/Summer Rens from any and all liabilities of any nature for the actions of owner, their pet(s) or any other person who accompanies owner or holds a key to owner’s home; except those arising from negligence or willful misconduct on the part of Chasing Tail Dog Training.

Chasing Tail Dog Training agrees to provide all services in a kind, humane, reliable and trustworthy manner. In the event of an emergency, inclement weather or a natural disaster, owner authorizes Chasing Tail Dog Training to use their best judgment for the care and well being of their pet(s) and or/home.

Owner understands that Chasing Tail Dog Training can terminate this contract if owner or their pet(s) becomes a threat to the safety or health of Chasing Tail Dog Training or the community. Chasing Tail Dog Training is required to report any bite incidents to authorities. Owner acknowledges that they are responsible for medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to Chasing Tail Dog Training/Summer Rens or any other person or animal caused by owner’s pet(s).

Chasing Tail Dog Training reserves the right to refuse service to any owner at any time for any reason.

This executed agreement gives Chasing Tail Dog Training authorization to enter the listed address as needed to perform the necessary service. Owner authorizes this agreement to be valid approval for service so as to permit Chasing Tail Dog Training to accept all future phone, e-mail and online reservations and enter owner’s home without additional signed agreements or written authorizations.
Three, 1 Hr. in-person Sessions. Six, 1 Hr. in-person Sessions.